How long have you been open?  A long time.  We opened in December of 1997.

Are you Sicialian?  Half Sicilian.  On the Sicilian side of my family, my grandparents migrated from Sicily to New Jersey, and then made their way to the Bay area where my father was born and I grew up.  I learned most of my recipes from my father and Aunt Nanny.

Who is the chef?  We don't have just one chef.  We have a line of cooks that all play a part in preparing each plate.  We do a lot of training in house to create cooks that learn to move together and make food happen.  On a busy night, it's really a sight to see.

Tell me about the art.  The posters are from the Italian Director Fredrico Fellini.  The prints are from a family friend Burton Levitsky.  The photos in the far room are from a local photographer Johd D'Ofronio, and there are a few paintings from my brother Carlo D'Anna.

How long have you been working here?  Depends on who you ask.  18 years.  14 years.  10 years.  Overall, we have a lot of experience and we've been working together for a long time, for many of us D'Anna's is family.

What are you known for?  We are mostly known for our handmade pasta and ravioli.  We have a production team that works constantly to prepare our fresh pasta and ravioli daily.  We also make almost everything from scratch, including our meatballs, sausage, bread, and desserts.  

How often does the menu change?  Our menu is very consistent, but we do make seasonal changes.

What kinds of Gluten free/Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free options do you have?  We cook all of our dishes to order so we can accommodate most special diets.  We make gluten free and vegan pastas in house.  It's always a great idea to talk to your server about any allergies, special diets, or requests that you may have to ensure that you get what you want...or at least something that you can eat!

Do you charge a corkage fee?  Yes. $12 a bottle.

Do you have a happy hour?  Yes, daily from 3:00 - 5:00.

Do you take reservations?  We take reservations for parties of 7 or more, and on Friday and Saturday nights we have very limited reservation space.   You do not need a reservation to dine with us, and you can walk in with any group size and we will do our best to get you seated as quickly as possible. Please call the restaurant at 360-714-0188 to make reservations. Please note that we do not take reservations via email.

Can you accommodate large parties?  We can accommodate parties up to about 45 people.  We have a limited menu for parties of 20 or more.  We use this menu because each and every dish that we serve is cooked to order, and through trial and error, we've learned that this is what works best for everyone involved.  Please contact us with questions about large party reservations at 360-714-0188.

Do you have a private room or do private events?  We do not.

Can I bring my kids?  Yep.  We are a family friendly restaurant and kids love pasta, so bring the whole family in.

Is there a dress code?  Not at all.  Be comfortable or fancy, your choice.

What is the parking like?  We don't have a designated parking lot but there's plenty of parking along State, Magnolia, Railroad and Holly streets.  If you park in a lot near us we cannot guarantee the safety of your car.

Do you have a bar?  We have a very small bar without much seating, but you are welcome to get a drink while you wait.

Is there usually a long wait to be seated?  We wish we had a crystal ball to answer this question, but we don't.  We typically have a wait on the weekends, anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes, but it's pretty unpredictable, and we think it's worth the wait.

Do you have "wine glasses"?  We do not have stemware, and we use tumblers as our wine glasses.  Growing up, my Sicilian family never used specific wine glasses, and traditionally in Italy stemware wasn't commonly used.

Do you do anything special for birthdays, graduations, anniversary's?
Congrats on your celebration! If you tell us when you get here you're celebrating a birthday, we can put a candle in the dessert you order. Beyond that, we don't have a standard practice for celebrations but we will do our best to make your experience lovely and your food tasty.